Dear customers!

For informational purposes, we bring to your attention a letter from CMA Terminals who are the co-owners of "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" terminal.



CMA Terminal, as the co-owner of BKP terminal, would like to reaffirm its confidence in the future of the port facilities in Odessa.


Its geographical location and infrastructure are strategically important first of all for Ukraine, and on a regional scale for its neighbouring countries.  


Also CMA Terminal, in a similar manner to its sole shareholder, CMA CGM Group, believes that there is only sustainable performance and hence the ethics. 


Among the unbreakable rules and regulations that guarantee a commercially effective and financially secure process, the rule of the 3-Way Match stands out as the most effective one. It is based on the 3 following pillars:


  • A single tariff scale systematically approved by the Management of the terminal, as well as any change or deviation from the base rate;
  • Billing in accordance with this scale and in a strict correspondence with actually rendered services;
  • Payment in a timely manner, to the benefit of the terminal, for which purpose the entity has to issue invoices in accordance with these regulations. 


CMA Terminals would be grateful to all the customers and employees of BKP terminal to implement in practice the above Golden Rules as a pledge of successful partnership between the terminal and the clients, and to prevent, for example, any considerable deviation towards overpricing without solid grounds.


"Such insistence on high standards also works for answering the requirements of compliance as well as competitiveness of the terminal in the face of competition from other local port operators."



Sincerely yours,

 Administration of LLC "Brooklyn-Kiev Port"