Information regarding the requirements and rules of the terminal for truck drivers

Dear Customers!

In connection with the frequent cases of gross safety violations by drivers transporting containers for our terminal (walking across the terminal to find the container, boarding container loaders, smoking, including in the cab, etc.) Requests that the following information be taken into account:

In accordance with the Forwarding Services Contract, clause 2.2. Obligations of the Forwarder:

2.2.11. It undertakes to instruct its employees, customers, transport and other organizations involved in the provision of services by the Operator on compliance with safety requirements, labor protection and traffic rules on the territory of the Terminal, and monitors their compliance with these requirements and rules.

We kindly ask the responsible employees of the forwarding companies without fail to re-familiarize all truck drivers involved in the transportation of containers with the instructions attached below and continue to be guided by them daily during their stay at our terminal:

1. Rules of conduct for the driver of an auto container ship on the territory of the terminal of "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" LLC.

2. Rules of conduct and security measures at the terminal territory of "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" LLC.

3. Environmental Management Policy of "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" LLC.

4. Policy in the field of occupational health and safety  "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" LLC.

We inform you that the actions of drivers and other employees of forwarding companies that violate the requirements of labor protection, fire safety and environmental safety instructions, as well as the requirements of other mandatory instructions in force in the customs control zone, are recorded in the video surveillance systems of the Terminal.

The terminal administration reserves the right to refuse access to the territory to drivers and other employees who regularly violate the requirements specified in the instructions.



Management of "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" LLC.