When interacting with liner agents Container Terminal "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" follows the UN/EDIFACT standards. 

Our current set of functionality is provided by Solvo.TOS System developed by Solvo Company, one of the top-ranking producers of software for automation of port and yard facility operations.

Solvo.TOS supports most of the commercial messages of UN/EDIFACT line developed for the transport industry, allowing for flexible customization of any such message as well as for use of various transport protocols for message delivery – REST, mail, FTP. Some messages have to be signed with the Terminal EDS (Electronic Digital Signature) in a state-approved format.

Messages are generated online, i.e.  upon an occurrence of an event at any stage of container handling.

Also, our clients have an option of sending any reports (on container arrival, yard status or gate-out) within a desired period of time.  

The below table contains basic patterns of messages generated or processed at Container Terminal "Brooklyn-Kiev Port":

 Type  EDS req.       Documentation  
APERAK    [Application error and acknowledgement message]           - Download
BAPLIE      [Bayplan/Stowage plan] - Download
COARRI     [Discharge/Load report message]  - Download
CODECO   [Gate-in/Gate-Out report message] - Download
COPARN    [Container Announcement message]  - Download
COPRAR   [Discharge/Load report message]  - Download
COREOR   [Container Release order message]  Yes Download
TPFREP    [Terminal Perfomance message] - Download
VERMAS   [Verified Gross Mass message] - Download