Electronic Service Portal Start-Up

«Brooklyn-Kiev Port» Terminal has started up an electronic service portal built upon state-of-the-art WEB 2.0 technologies.

Such sophisticated «Enterprise»-level solution is to improve the efficiency of interaction between the Terminal and the Client.

With the use of the portal, you will be able to do the below on-line:

  • to receive update information on current status of container;
  • to see the history of container operations;
  • to get effective information on vessel calls;
  • to obtain information as to arrival mode of transport (Vessel, Truck, Rail);
  • to file a request for inspection operations*;
  • to file a request for weighing*.

* To be implemented in the second phase. Start of the mentioned services will be announced further.  

For an access to the portal, the below steps are to be followed:

  • using the link, download and print out (2 copies) «Regulations on using the electronic service web-portal of LLC «Brooklyn-Kiev Port»;
  • to submit the Regulations signed by the Client, for signature to the Terminal Deputy Director for Commerce;
  • to read and understand the User’s Manual;
  • to receive at the Commercial Department of LLC «Brooklyn-Kiev Port» the data to access the portal.


Management of LLC «Brooklyn-Kiev Port»